Progressive Tennis

Progressive Tennis

The aim of Progressive Tennis is to introduce basic skills, encourage kids to enjoy sports, build their confidence and concentration skills, and foster healthy social interaction with peers. This program introduces new sports skills, game rules and teamwork and at the same time promotes fitness, fun and confidence.

Several levels of Progressive Tennis help build fundemental skills no matter the previous experience of the child with athletics. Through hands-on instruction, children will build essential tennis and athletic skills that are necessary for continuing on with their tennis training.

Le Petit Tennis (Ages 3-5)

In a safe and stimulating atmosphere, young athletes are introduced to tennis and fitness fun with a warm up, a series of tennis activities, and games. Through the use of LePetite balls and fun tennis and fitness activities, children learn the fundemental skills of tennis, along with useful athletic abilities like agility, balance and coordination

Through giving children an early start into the world of sports, they are able to acquire valuable foundation skills like movement and coordination. These skills will promote a healthy lifestyle in the future and can carry over into further athletic activities as they grow.

Mini-court Program

As children progress from Le Petit balls to playing with faster balls, the mini-court program continues to build essential tennis skills and fundementals like ball control, racquet positioning and fitness. Hands-on coaching ensures that children build the right skills to further progress in tennis.

As an intermediate step between play with soft Le Petit balls and fast, regular tennis balls, the Mini-court Program provides young players with the opportunity to play at a more developmental pace through the use of slightly slower balls. The smaller court size and slower play speeds enable young children to more easily pick up fundementals like footwork and ball acquisition.

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