Skills Development

Skills Development Program

Our Skills Development program will be of interest to those players wishing to learn or improve their skills and abilities. For the more recreational player, or a player wishing to learn the game of tennis, we provide a more relaxed program focused on creating and strengthening fundamental techniques. Our unique training methodology and highly skilled and dedicated allow for lessons and instruction to be modified and tailored to a players individual needs, while at the same time maintaining a cohesive group environment.

Our small class sizes will ensure that you get plenty of one-on-one time with the trainer, allowing you to progress and learn at a faster rate. With more opportunities for the trainer to work individually with you on your particular needs, you will progress faster and be able to know that your goals will be met, whether they are to learn the game of tennis, improve your skills and techniques, and/or to be able to play recreationally.
The key aspect we focus on in our Skills Development program is the creation and development of essential tennis skills and techniques. Our highly skilled trainers help guide students as they build and reinforce important tennis techniques like swings, rallying and footwork. Most importantly, our small session sizes allow trainers more freedom and time to carefully analyze and encourage the development of their group's skills, and also allow for the players themselves to participate more actively in the lesson, whether it's giving them more court time or allowing for exercises not possible with larger groups, such as rallying amongst themselves.

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